There wasn't such a place before! Cosy club in evenings, with best DJs, Karaoke, concerts and original drinks!

Starting from 10 pm, we are switching into cosy Club and opening our -1 floor. Our idea of fresh, local products is still in here- our drinks are made using best pressed juices, tasty fruity syrups and best alcohol on the market. Every Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturday we have a DJ Party, if you're looking for some Karaoke fun visit us at Tuesday and Sunday!

Do you like classic drinks? Of course you'll find them in Beauty! We want to offer you something new too- our original drinks! New, fresh, tasty, with best pressed juices, herbs and spices.

We're opened everyday, 7 days per week, from 6 pm, to 6 am next day! Please welcome to Beauty Bistro & Club, Piękna 19 street, next to Constitution Square!